A part of the Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve commitment to a superior level of service is our research. While many companies are scaling back in the research they provide for clients, Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve is vigorously expanding research.

Both private and institutional investors utilize our specialists' focus on high-quality growth stocks within the consumer, water, energy, financial services, health care and technology industries.

Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve 's policy research, renowned in industry circles, is consistently ranked. Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve has experience result in a highly differentiated research product, delivering investment-relevant insights to investors across a broad range of sectors.

We are committed to continuing to provide both our institutional and retail investors with timely, objective, thorough and relevant analysis on individual coverage companies, market trends, global economics and sector-specific analysis.


We are committed to providing financial advisors with the finest state-of-the-art technical tools so they can build the lasting client relationships that form the foundation of the Federal Mining & Titanium Reserve tradition.

Third-party providers

Beyond our own products and services, we further meet our clients' needs by engaging only top-tier third-party providers, ensuring the benefits of industry-best partners in areas such as clearing services and custody of client assets.